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Community Guidelines

Welcome to Wyld!

It's the story spreading challenge! Share photos and videos that disappear when people stop forwarding them to others. Get creative and share stories worth spreading; the community may either Push/forward  stories to others, or Drop/discard them. How will your stories spread?


Community Goal

We believe in spreading the wildest stories, so we let you broadcast photos and videos openly, but let the community decide on their spread. Challenge yourself, get creative with your content, and make stories worth spreading. It's the story spreading challenge, and in the Wyld, story is king. Together, we can make Wyld an authentic and safe place to be for open expression, inspiration, and entertainment. Be respectful of the law and everyone on Wyld. Do not spam and harass people or spread content that you do not own or content considered graphic, offensive or containing nudity.  



Wyld is about open expression, inspiration, and entertainment so it’s important that we create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. 


By using Wyld, you agree to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Use. We hope that you stay committed in following the guidelines in order to help positively grow and protect our diverse and vibrant Wyld community. 


  • Be Original: Only submit photos and videos that you’ve taken or have the right to spread. You are the author of the stories you spread, so remember to submit authentic content and avoid using anything you’ve copied or gathered from the Internet that you don’t have the right to spread. 

  • Be appropriate: Spread photos and videos that are appropriate for a wide audience. Although Wyld is a community of open expression and inspiration, to satisfy a diverse audience of many cultures and ages, we cannot allow nudity. This includes expressions in photos, videos, as well as some digitally-created content.

    Being in a community of many ages, cultures, and beliefs means that you should be respectful to others with the stories you spread. Do not spread content that is offensive, graphic, or otherwise sensitive to your audience.

  • Stay True: Keep the community spam-free by not spreading fake news, artificially gathering pushes or followers, posting repetitive content, or repeatedly contacting people without their consent.

  • Respect others: Help make Wyld a positive community. Do not spread content that contains threats or hate speech, content aimed to degrade or shame people, private information for the purpose of blackmail or harassment, and unwanted content. Do not inspire violence or intend to offend anyone based on their race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, disabilities, or illnesses.


  • Spread news wisely: As Wyld can also be a powerful way to raise awareness, some newsworthy events may involve graphic scenes. Because Wyld is open to people of different ages, we may remove any content of graphic nature so that we stay appropriate to the community.

    If the purpose of spreading this kind of content is to raise awareness or educate, then make sure to warn your audience about its graphic nature with a caption. Otherwise, we do not allow spreading graphic content to exhibit violence.

  • Respect the law: Wyld does not support or promote crime, hate, or acts of terrorism. We do no not allow content promoting sexual services, trade of weapons and illegal or prescription drugs. We strictly do not tolerate the spreading of sexual content involving minors or threats to spread sensitive images of others. Remember to always follow the law.

*Violating our guidelines may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions.


Help us protect the Wyld community

  • We all need to work together to grow and protect our community. You can help us by reporting observed behavior that may violate the community guidelines using the appropriate method available in-app. We do our best to review reports and remove content that doesn’t meet our guidelines, as quickly as possible. 

  • If you find content that you don’t like, but does not violate the community guidelines, you can unfollow or block the person that submitted or pushed it.

  • If one of your photos or videos was submitted by someone else, first try to reach out to them if you would like it to be taken down; do not use harassment or violence to target that person. If you believe someone is violating your copyright or trademark, you can contact us and file a report here

  • To make our community safer, we may work with law enforcement, including when we believe that there’s risk of harm or threat to the safety of the public.


For more information, check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Thank you for helping us keep Wyld safe.

Wyld team.